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Minute taker: Chris

  • Present: Eurie, Suzi, Chris, Mike, Midori, Michael, Judy, David, Jen
  • Absent: Jane, Rex

Review previous Action Items from previous meeting

a. David and Midori will have a proposal for documentation process and identifying metrics for the January meeting

David & Midori - Metrics & statistics. Carry on doing current stats. Some things are harder to quantify but more important. go through a textbook to check for breadth/depth - hard. Also advisors comments to examine literature. David will be with Midori next week, get together SOP for dealing with sourceforge.

b. Suzi will propose across the board metrics for the group.


c. Jen will get the software to facilitate remote meetings in place.

John provided detailed survey. Tested convoq, worked well for some, badly for others (A/V). Screen didn't work for David - kept timing out, or automatically rejoining.

WebEx - does Stanford have a deal for this? Mike doesn't know.

ACTION: John and Jen to put together a spreadsheet on requirements and evaluate WebEx

d. Suzi will investigate project management software and propose options to the group.

BaseCamp, 3 month trial, manages TODOs, milestones, birds eye views, has all the basics, web based (this was one of the requirements), wiki-style. It may in fact help with sourceforge trackers (replacement)

ACTION (ALL): take a look at BaseCamp -

e. User Advocacy group come up with a proposal for users meetings in January.

Jane is out of town, report when she's back

2. Individual Manger reports

a. Ontology Development

Alex got immunology stuff in.

David finished off is_a complete for CNS terms. No major changes to rest of GO. New term: "development of an anatomical structure".

David - new term requests from reference genome group

BP is_a complete next monday or tuesday

b. Outreach

Jen - writing documentation on how to start annotation. Eveleyn Emily and Jen are at Ark genomics. Will also have presence at PAG, with PAMGO. Mike against paying for a stand. Could share an EBI stand - but would hack lack of GO identity. Mike: if we're going to do it, do it right.

c. Software


- added subsets/slims to database loading code, not yet in production - stanford looking at ID mapping - Seth has been progressing on amigo2; will develop use cases - OBO-Edit paper almost done - OWL loader for oboedit ACTION -suzi?

d. Reference Genomes

Rex not here

f. User Advocacy

David likes paper review in newsletter.

Punt on BP re-organisation til after January

Invited a few more people into amigo-wg. Better integrate amigo with website - overlap between web group and amigo-wg

3. Meetings

  • Ark genomics
  • PAG plans
  • PSB before consortium meeting, no one going
  • Phenotype ontology meeting, Dec 1 & 2 in Stanford
  • SO report: Michael, Karen, Suzi and others. definition of chromosome.
  • GI report: half the talks and posters mention GO

4. Collaborations and Interactions, active and new

GO Editors visiting Royal Society of Chemistry to discuss use of GO terms for annotating papers. Not yet publicised. Jane will report next week.

Judy: caBIG collaboration with MartinR and TerryH, vocab review criteria using GO. ACTION: Judy will send draft report to go-top & Chris. ACTION: Chris will have a look at section on formal definitions

5. Operations and Procedures

Jen: people are releasing dodgy annotation files. Jen suggests kitemark on website. David: approval is implicit by fact annotations are downloadable from our site; ones on our site meet our standards. Judy: promote our work and leave others to their own devices.

GOA are encouraging download from their own site, they feel annotations are lost by filtering. MODs need to incorporate GOA annotations.

David: groups should make poster showing dataflow for annotations

6. Staffing and Personnel (i.e. new hires, departures, leave, vacations...)

7. Budget issues

8. Publications

- OBO-Edit paper soon to go out - JAX/Smith paper ready to go

9. Other Current Topics and Concerns

Chris to do agenda next time