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Agenda/chair: David

Minutes: David

Present: Midori, Mike, David, Judy, Michael, Pascale


Review Action Items from previous meeting

Action Item

Action Item: Software group should implement new editor's version of ontology file (and other details of the plan) and pick a date and time for the editors to switch over to using the new file.

Action Item: Judy will contact sea urchin db in March or April. She has been in contact with Andy Cameron at CalTech. They have done some preliminary GO annotation. We are not sure if they are going to form a community group or are they going to submit stuff to UniProt.One of the people involved is right down the street from Jax.

Action Item: Mike to look into how GO wikis can be combined. DONE

Outreach/User Advocacy

  • Jen is training people in Belgium giving a module on GO things as part of an EBI training session.
  • She has also had some more discussions with Erika

about grape annotations. On NCBI site, grape in now 17 or 18 in top 20 organisms with gene sequence.


  • OBO-Edit testing is continuing.Still bug-fixing. Also working on the documentation for OBO-Edit 2.
  • There are issues with GO loading. We basically have too much data. Working on modifying the loading script.

Reference Genome

  • Looking into ways to work with Kara on generating the orthology/homology set for the ref genome project.
  • QC control: There has already been some annotations that were corrected. Pascale will send links to the appropriate pages.

How often do we want to do this? There was some discussion about how often this would happen, once a month?

Action Item: Decide whether we will do this for every single gene every single time.

  • Is this going to be part of the monthly curator call? Do we want to open this up to curators outside GO? Do we want to change the call time every month.

Ontology Development

  • Jen and David have started to think about getting a group or groups together to handle signaling.
  • Tanya and David continue to work on regulates QC reports.
  • David and Midori have devised a plan to get rid of the remaining disjoint violations.
  • Midori is in the process of getting rid of the last of the sensu terms.
  • Jen is continuing to work on electron transport. They are going to experiment with function-process but not define the relationships yet.

They are keeping track of it in a spreadsheet.

Action Item: Should we be doing this this way. Can we use phenote or OBO-edit instead?

  • Jen is also continuing to work with the transport group.


  • Biology of Genomes at CSH. Li Ni put in a poster for the Ref Genome project, but is on a wait-list. If Li doesn't get to go to the meeting

then maybe someone else can present the work.

I'm confirmed and will present the work if I need to.

Collaborations and Interactions, active and new

Operations and Procedures

  • Mike is converting all the mailing list to new software that gives Users more control over how the lists are handled. It gives you the ability

do digest high-traffic lists.

Staffing and Personnel

  • Jane will maybe be back soon.

Budget issues


Next call

Summary of Action items

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