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GO Managers, Weds. Aug 29 8 AM PDT / 10 AM CDT / 11 AM EDT / 4 PM BST

Agenda/chair: Eurie Minutes: David

Attending: David, Midori, Jen, Judy, Eurie

Review Action Items from previous meetings

Carried over from Aug. 1:

  • Chris: Add replaced_by & consider tags to database
  • Chris: Write abstract for Biocurator meeting

New Aug. 15:

  • Jen: Email taxon proposal draft to Waclaw.

-- Jen is in communication with Waclaw

  • Pascale: Find distinguishing characteristic(s) for Dicty fruiting body development.

-- Done. We met with Pascale and worked on these terms. Michelle approved.

  • Sensu team: Ask Jim Hu to help with sensu terms for prokaryotes.

-- Done. E-mailed but no response yet. Since yesterday, he has responded.

  • Jen: Forward text2go support letter request to Mike Cherry. [Done]
  • Individual managers: Fill in progress report for SAB.

-- Judy will put it all on the wiki and people will work on it there. We should all look at the wiki with respect to the SAB meeting, the reference genome meeting, and the SAB. ---- Basically the GO progress report will follow the organization of the grant. Aim#1 Suzi (ontology), Aim#2 Judy (genome annotation), Aim#3 Michael (outreach)

  • Individual managers: Contribute paragraphs for NAR manuscript. *Midori: Get the manuscript (once edited to our satisfaction) through the submission process.
  • Midori: Collect managers' summaries, assemble into a first draft, and circulate to managers and then rest of GOC.

-- in progress, waiting for software but will probably have a draft by the end of the week.

Individual Manager reports

Ontology Development

We have been chipping away at the sensu stuff. Midori put in a whole bunch of enzyme synonyms. The next push will be doing the regulates work. Once the cell type is revised, we will take that up again. Cardio is done. Disjoint is still in progress. Do we want the tags even though violations creep up?


They are working on getting the SOPs for annotation live.


Reference Genomes

User Advocacy

Newsletter is out. Waiting for AMIGO map2slim and the term enrichment tools to be ready for beta-testing. May not happen before SAB. Once there is a stable version, the GOC will be allowed to bang on it and comment.


Biocurator meeting is happening at the end of October. At the yeast meeting Eurie noticed that there is still need to educate the biologists as to how the GO works.

Staffing and Personnel

Jane is on maternity leave.


  • NAR update due middle of Sept

Other Current Topics and Concerns