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MINUTES, Managers meeting 31st Jan 2007

present:David Hill, Mike Cherry, Michael Ashburner, Suzi Lewis, Eurie Hong, Jen Clark, Jane Lomax, Midori Harris, Rex Chisholm

Action items


  • Midori & Alex: Adding references for content meetings. Also, David to do references for CNS meeting [CNS done, Still working on Immunology]
  • Eurie: working on Google calendar. Eurie to send url round whole consortium - everyone to fill in their meetings. [DONE, not all meetings are in]
  • WebEx - funds available for 6 months (@ 500/month) from MGI. Need several passwords (one per institution) - Hinxton, Bar Harbor, Denver, Berkeley, Chicago. Jen to go ahead and take a 6 month contract. [Judy is getting a PO for the contract]


  • David to send MIT meeting spreadsheet round to this group [It was originally sent to GO-top, David, Jane, Chris and Midori. If you would like to see it, please let David know]
  • Midori to respond about the 'Bioinformatics Primer' [DONE]

Individual Manager reports

Ontology Development

  • Wiki has been updated with project priorities
  • cvs write access for Erika (Jen) [if she works on the project, then she can have access]
  • ACTION ITEM: Jen to request access for Erika
  • We will use the public wiki for muscle content meeting? (Jen)
  • IMG mapping (Jane/Michael/Suzi)The problem is they don’t distinguish between function, component etc. We will do what we can do before their SAB meeting in mid-February. Jane will work on this. Add this to ontology development wiki.


  • There have been lots of meetings. All of them are on the wiki.
 * Chicken and cow	 
 * PAG meeting	 
  • Would like to see a community annotation system. The tool Suzi showed at the GO meeting will be used, but it is at least a year down the

line. Many of the PAMGO groups are getting annotations for both the parasites and the hosts. Who will supply their annotations to GO? Can PAMGO be the group for this? We want someone who is stable. It makes most sense for this to be UniProt. Asked whether it would make sense if they went through TiGR. This seemed like it would be fine.

  • For SGD Karen is now on Ontology Development and Rama is on Outreach.
  • Collaborative Ontology Evolution System (see email, Jen) Will we let non-GOC personelle annotate and modify the ontology? We will probably let them annotate, but not directly modify the ontology. Perhaps we could have a tool that is a web form that talks to SourceForge. They also might be able to help with the annotation tool.


  • History taking will be important.

Reference Genomes

  • Had a ref genomes phone conference last week
  • Each organism now has its own Google spreadsheet, but we need a more sophisticated approach. We need to develop a set of requirements for the new tool.
  • The master spreadsheet will be reorganized with links to each of the MOD-specific spreadsheets
  • Each MOD needs to document how they generate their numbers.
  • Wiki pages will be created for gene where discussion is necessary. We need to keep track of how orthologs are identified.
  • Interface pages for Mary’s graphical display will be revised.

User Advocacy

  • content of next newsletter
 * Minimum standards for publication: Not this newsletter	 
 * Is_a complete announcement	 
 * Gene of the quarter? CLN3. Susan to lead. David will send note about the status of the spreadsheets on this gene.	 
 * Biologist-friendly explanation of why we got rid of the unknowns.	 
 * Postpone the discussion of the ‘with’ column	 
 * IGC evidence code	 
 * Course announcements: Royal Society of Chemistry.	 


  • MIT meeting Friday March 16th
  • Muscle development meeting-Some time in July
  • Therapeutic Applications of Computational Biology and Chemistry 2007. On Hinxton campus, reduced rate of 100ukp. Should we go and do a poster? (Jane & Eurie) [Jen will go]

Collaborations and Interactions, active and new

Operations and Procedures

Staffing and Personnel

Budget issues

  • The muscle folks have their own money to host the content meeting.


Other Current Topics and Concerns

Next meeting Feb 14th.