Managers Call 2021-02-03

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  • Present: David, Pascale, David, Suzi, Seth, Huaiyu, Paul, Kimberly,
  • Regrets:
  • Managers: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Laurent-Philippe, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Judy, Paul


Next GOC meeting

  • Monday May 3rd - Thurs May 6th
  • Most likely Virtual
  • Schedule:
    • 7am to 11am Pacific
    • 8am to 12pm Mountain
    • 9am to 1pm Central
    • 10am to 2pm Eastern
    • 3pm to 7pm UK
    • 4pm to 8pm Central European

No GO calls week

Ontology tickets jamboree

Next week, week of Feb 8th

March Release - GAF2.2

  • Once the February release is done, the pipeline will switch over to consuming and producing GAF2.2
  • Since this is new, there may be some glitches
  • On yesterday's annotation call, there was a desire to set a fixed date for the March release (hard to promise) but otherwise to try to get the March release out as soon as possible
  • What are our options? What additional resources might be needed?
    • Would take about 1 FTE-week to change the pipeline to 'pin' releases, in order to deliver on a specific date.
    • Seth plans that we'll start having GAF2.2 in snapshot around the weekend. If this is the case then it gives us almost 3 weeks to QC.
  • 1. Send an announcement that GAF2.2 will start being produced this month on snapshot; at that point GAF2.1 will stop being produced.
    • The March release will contain GAF2.2
    • GPAD files will not be affected
  • 2. Contact Helen again to see how we can meet FlyBase's needs (Kimberly)

Managers calls reorganization

  • This meeting will now be the 'GO Projects stand up' call, to better reflect the new nature of the call, which will be more project-focused
    • Each week we'll be reviewing about 3 projects (the number may change if we find it's too few or too many)
    • All current managers are welcome to attend; in addition, product owners, tech leads, and PIs may also invite other project to attend the call as required the week the project they work on is being presented
    • In addition, each project will have a PI 'stakeholder' that will be present on the 'GO Projects stand up' call, to help resolve blocking issues and make decisions as needed
  • If you want to present your project, for example because some decisions need to be made, please let Pascale know or add it to the agenda for the upcoming meeting. On top of that we'll set up a rota.

Priorities 2021

Will be set in early February