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Annotation Attribution

  • Curators funded by grant will annotate for 'GO_Central' group without having to go through approvals from normal authoritative sources
  • Implemented in PAINT/Protein2GO
  • GO_Central annotations exported from protein2go on a weekly basis - is this feasible Tony?
  • Filter out from MOD annotations
  • Karen: Why filter?
  • Suzi: applies to any situation when curator puts on GO_Central hat?
  • Judy: scenario: when Pascale puts in a mouse annotation into Protein2GO; MGI then imports and runs QC, takes care of redundancy.
  • Judy: 2 aspects. 1 removing redundancy. 2 mechanism for challenging. Where is permissions boundary?
  • Suzi: from perspective of GO
  • Tony: didn't know of change from RefGenome to GO_Central
  • Suzi: PAINT already uses GO_Central for attribution
  • Paul: GO_Central not the same as RefGenome, treated as authoritative
  • Kimberley: clarification on outside your MOD: when WB does protein2go curation of Worm proteins then source=WB
  • Tony: can have two sources, switch when curating outside sphere
  • Suzi: you switch hat when curating not for your MOD
  • Kimberley: legacy stuff? E.g. INTACT
  • Tony: can go back in and change later. Or I can do in batch (possibly)
  • Kimberley: protein2go already has worm anns from Ruth's group attributed to BHF. Would this be changed to GO_Central?
  • Suzi/Paul: Yes?
  • Chris: Sure?
  • Paul: Original thinking was for GO funded curators. Don't necessarily want to remove attribution without consulting groups. At this stage just think of as GO funded curators.
  • Tony: in GPAD scope for more fine-grained attribution. Curator name in properties column. For GAF all we have is AssignedBy, which is at the annotation group level
  • Tony: one final thing, current p2go curators or MOD curators who want to add GO_Central to their list of available sources, send email to to set this up
  • Tony: I can generate weekly GO_Central annotations, no problem. Deposited on secondary ftp site. Coordinate with Chris on getting it into svn.
  • Tony: Q about integrating PAINT anns. Pick up from PAINT files in pre-sub paint directory. EXCEPT for MGI, TAIR and ZFIN, we pick from these MODs.
  • Paul: PAINT repo is the definitive source
  • Tony: good, makes it easier
  • Tony: will GO_Central anns ever filter back into PAINT files
  • All/Karen: no. Will not be duplicated
  • Tony: problem same attributions from different sources. Non-PAINT GO_Central don't want to pick up from external files
  • Suzi: none of these experimental annotations go into PAINT GAF files. If experiment annotation is used in evidence, doesn't get re-exported
  • Tony: seed ann never sees light of day in PAINT files?
  • Suzi/Paul: Correct
  • Tony: good.
  • Tony: confirm what will appear in PAINT GAFs
  • Suzi: GO_Central

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