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Proposed OE2 User Guide Organization

New version committed in svn July 21:

OBO-Edit User's Guide (intro)

Configuring OBO-Edit

Working with Data Adapters

Viewing Ontologies

Searching, Filtering & Rendering


(Would it be too redundant to list the Ontology Tree Editor page again in the Editing section? --Nomi) (maybe a little, but probably outweighed by advantage of seeing it where it might be expected -midori)(I like the idea of having it here too- melissa) (done -midori)

Organizing Your Ontology: Editing Metadata (I would make this a separate section, since the Editing section is already so long) (fine by me -midori)(yes, and its really a different topic too. maybe this section should come before the editing section, since its the sort of thing you set up before you edit -melissa) (done -midori)


The Reasoner

Ontology Verification

Cross Products


Tools and Plugins

The Command Line

Frequently Asked Questions

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