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Group's focus

This group's purpose is to ensure that the Gene Ontology represents biology in a way that is useful for gene product annotation of reference genomes and other MODs using the GO for annotation. The group serves as the link between biological knowledge that is gained from wet-bench scientists and the representation of that knowledge in the GO. Members of the group are responsible for reporting areas of the GO that need development and for suggesting changes and additions to the GO as needs arise. Members of the group serve as biological experts in domains that are covered by their organism. They are responsible for reviewing changes to be sure that they accurately reflect our current understanding of biology. With the help of the software team the group create rules to ensure the ontology's integrity.

Group Leader

Pascale Gaudet (GO Central); GitHub: @pgaudet

Ontology editors

Pascale Gaudet, Raymond Lee, Steven Marygold, Li Ni, Val Wood

Software support

Jim Balhoff

Other group members

Tanya Berardini, Peter D'Eustachio, Kimberly VanAuken


Chris Mungall, Paul Thomas


Editor's Conference calls


  • Calls are held weekly on Mondays, 12:00PM-1:00PM EST
  • Calls are scheduled on the GO's Google calendar. Please request access to the calendar if you don't have it.
  • Reminder emails are sent out to the go-ontology mailing list (see Internal_email_lists to register).

Agenda and Minutes

GO ontology in GitHub

  • The Gene Ontology uses an issue tracker hosted on GitHub to record and track ontology issues.
  • The go-annotation repo on GitHub may be accessed here.
  • Contact information for each group that contributes to the consortium is available here

GO ontology on slack

Ontology release pipeline