Ontology meeting 2011-12-14

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Discussion notes I: CHEBI UPDATE

  • David and Tanya, could you please update us on the ChEBI work? Thanks.
    • ChEBI comments completely reviewed. Outstanding items: ChEBI SF items under discussion.Consulting with outside expert on terpene/terpenoid, handful of term requests to be handled by Harold.
  • Chris to send Tanya directions for generating chebi_lite.obo, will include conjugate base, conjugate acid, has parent hydride relationships.
  • D and T to review 'stale' ids in go_xp_chebi.obo file.


  • Do we want presentations/demos?
  • Chris will provide us with a list of softwares etc. that we'd need to have downloaded before the workshop begins.
  • Chris and Jane to have separate phone call to discuss agenda, including whether David OS or anyone else will give demo and then 'problems' to work through as a group.

Discussion notes III: TERMGENIE UPDATE

  • Chris and Heiko, could you please update us on the new TermGenie? Thanks. (As of last week, TG1 was not taking into account the part_of relationships, when it's choosing an is_a parent for regulates terms, even though regulates is transitive over part_of.)
  • Heiko has deployed fix for handling of part_of transitivity. Tanya will test connection to CVS with next term requests through TG0. Will add those same terms through TG1 and test commit functionality of TG1. Tanya will then report back to group.