Ontology meeting 2012-01-18

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1 hour meeting.

PRIORITY: In preparation for the Protege workshop in Hinxton

  • Check that everyone has in place the necessary tools, tutorials and files that Chris suggested.


  • Question for Chris: After we've downloaded the ELK plugin, how do we get it to talk to Protege?

Control click on the protege icon, show package contents and drag it into the plugin folder.

  • Before next meeting:

Load go.owl into both OE and Protege at the same time. Try to do stuff with on both, switch back and forth between applications to see what happens.

Discussion notes II: "involved_in" versus "during"

  • Stemming from this SF discussion:


We also have this request:


Discussion notes III: "in response to" terms

  • Could we please have a template for term requests such as the one below?


Discussion notes IV: "protein binding obsoletions and signaling"

Quick GOCHE Update

  • GOCHE paper
    • double check how they handled nucleotides
    • authorship - consult gotop
  • How to proceed with realignment?
    • Review relationships added/relationships removed from GO
    • Look at GO Jenkins
    • At workshop, do alignment - load GO and GOCHE/Chebi
    • GOCHE should = ChEBI
    • GO is different from GOCHE/ChEBI