Ontology meeting 2012-09-12

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45-minute meeting



New call times

Possibly Thursdays at 8.30am/11.30am/4.30pm for 45 min?

  • Yes, as of next week.
  • ACTION: Paola to change the GO calendar to reflect next time.

Project Management in JIRA

I've added most of our work into JIRA, and divided into notional monthly 'releases':


Let's have a look through the Sept release and see what we think. I propose that on the first Wed meeting of every month we look through our open issues and decide what we can get done that month.

  • September's issues look do-able. We'll revisit at the start of Oct.

Homeostasis xps

Chris has proposed a new relation - regulates_number_of (or similar) - which is defined by the property chain:

EquivalentTo homeostasis and regulates some (size and inheres_in some (population and composed_primarily_of some <X>))

for X homeostasis defs. Go ahead with those?

  • ACTION: Chris to do an OBOL parse for chemical homeostasis and use a property chain that uses 'concentration of' or 'levels of' rather than population of.

Localization template

Where are we on this - ready to go in?

  • ACTION:Becky to check xps. Heiko to add template. Becky to send announcement.

FOLLOW-UP: EC numbers in GO - feasibility study

Carried over from a previous meeting: see Action Items and background here:


  • Nothing to report yet


  • Chris has finished his bit. Heiko to do final bit of methods, then hand to David to do some final fixes.


  • ACTION: Tanya to create new GO-ChEBI xps spreadsheet

Announce new TG templates

reiterate old ones and highlight new:

  response to (a chemical compound)
  (chemical compound) transmembrane transporter activity
  cell component part of other cell component
  any other new ones?

Last announcement: June 25, 2012 with these

  regulation of biological process
  regulation of molecular function
  binding (to a chemical compound)
  transport (of a chemical compound)
  process involved in another process
  metabolism/catabolism/biosynthesis of a chemical compound
  process occurring in a part of a cell
  process regulated by another (regulating) process