Ontology meeting 2014-07-17

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Alpha-glucosidase definition is more specific than its name


isa vs partof in GO and Uberon

we have cases where we need to resolve if isa or partof is the correct relation to use:

uberon has been modified to follow GO's classification except for a few cases where GO needs to change:

phases and cycles

I've added 'biological phase ; GO:0044848' as discussed last week.

One thing we haven't clarified is how the phases now relate to their respective cycles. Feels like it should be part_of but this is at odds with us declaring them not to be regular processes, but instead a special type of occurrent.

We also need a relationship between phases and the processes that occurs during them for use in the ontology e.g. hair growth and anagen. For this I presume we use happens_during.