Ontology meeting 2014-10-23

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Monthly review of Jira tickets

TermGenie and removal of all relationships

A couple of weeks ago, a TG commit resulted in the loss of ALL relationships from the obo file. This appears to be a one time glitch. We need to keep an eye on this, in case it reoccurs. We were made aware of this by Tony when the UniProt load of the GO failed.


Follows up to GOC meeting discussion with Ruth on Annotation extension relationships. The action item was:

"Ontology group will dedicate a meeting to looking through the list of all relations used in annotation extensions. They will document those that are used in the ontology and will indicate whether the remainder should be dropped or kept and therefore documented. They will also note any new relations that need to be added e.g. adjacent_to.

Ontology group will make sure all the relationships are modeled correctly in LEGO."