Ontology meeting 2019-02-11

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Conference Line

See calendar for details



GOC Meeting Cambridge

  • GOC meeting - Cambridge, UK April 11th - 12th (right after ISB meeting)
    • Make sure you have signed up and let's start thinking about what we want to present.

David and Kimberly to NYC

  • David and Kimberly will visit Peter at the end of the month to discuss the Reactome imports and look closely at defining metabolic pathways using has_primary_input.
  • Where do we stand on getting the PR for the new primary input output relations and equivalence axioms in the ontology?

Discussion topics

  • Getting rid of regulates_o_part_of: The plan going forward
  • Rob Hoehndorf preprint: "Formal axioms in biomedical ontologies improve analysis and interpretation of associated data"; analyzes GO-plus: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/536649v1
  • Jim has created the file, but I don't see it in the ticket. There are about 5000 lines.

Other business

On Call

  • David, Harold, Tanya, Karen, Laurent-Phillippe, Kimberly, Barbara, EricD, Chris, Peter, Jim