Ontology meeting 2019-04-29

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Conference Line

See calendar for details


Discussion topics

Cross references - procedure

Pascale - See questions in https://github.com/geneontology/go-ontology/pull/17196

GOC meeting Action items


Could we define more complexes by using more granular MF terms? Or by using other ontologies, e.g. cell type ontology?

Regulates over part_of

  • David reviewed (and removed) a number of inferences, but it would be nice to have for example Val's opinion on the inferences
  • Next:
    • Once David, Barbara, and Tanya are happy with the existing inferences, show to other people
    • How ??

Other business

On Call

  • David, Kimberly, Chris, Harold, Barbara, Jim, Eric, Pascale, Peter, Karen, Tanya