Ontology meeting 2019-05-13

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Conference Line

See calendar for details


Discussion topics

Regulates over part_of

Meeting: Jim, David, Kimberly?????

  • GPAD output of complicated models
    • Annotation extension white list.
    • Evidence issues
  • Addition of spatial relations to the CC ontology
    • Reactome requests should be a priority
  • Automate the Imports so editors don't have to run them manually
    • Speaking a bit with Jim last week a compromise to automatic generation would be to automatically generate the pull requests once an import request file has changed. There would then be an editor who would be responsible for looking at a diff (obo-format?) for the pull request as a sanity check and they would then merge the request. Is there a way that we could have certain requests automatically targeted to specialized curators?
  • Remove the regulates-o-part-of inferences (See above)

Other business

On Call