Ontology meeting 2019-06-24

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Conference Line

See calendar for details


Discussion topics

Moving to Protégé 5.5


  • I have installed Protégé 5.5 and I have been using it to edit the ontology without any problems so far.
  • I have done: term merges, obsoletions, changed subclasses in ticket #17355, for example).
  • I have done all those the 'old way'
  1. Nice new features:
    • active branch is shown in the bottom left of the tool
    • ontology 'structure' (= 'breadcrumb') is shown at the top left
  2. Nice new features - not working for GO:
    • View all relations: Protégé 5.5 supports showing other relations in the class view; however for GO this is too big and if you turn this feature on you essentially cannot work (also confirmed by Jim)
  3. Term merge plugin not yet implemented

I emailed Matthiew about #2 and #3 (no answer as of June 13)

  • We would still need detailed documentation in the editors docs.

Other business

On Call