Organizing a Consortium Meeting

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Create Logistics and Agenda Pages


  • Arrange registration and receipts so people can get reimbursed
    • Institutions require certain fields for reimbursements to go through: (please add)
  • If possible, arrange to allow payment by credit cards
  • Arrange direct billing as needed (for EBI)


You will need

  • projection: make sure you have appropriate connectors/dongles for different types of computers.
  • extra computer for Go2Meeting with an internet connection needs:
    • current version of Powerpoint
    • terminal
    • other? (Protege?)
  • wifi for attendees. If your venue supports the eduroam system some, but not all, consortium members can use it.
  • power strips
  • some way to deal with parking


Remember that GO participants include people who are:

  • vegetarians
  • vegans
  • gluten intolerant
  • lactose intolerant

Many venues will have required catering, but in College Station we were allowed to order out and have food brought in. We used a combination of delivery and groceries brought in.

Approximate amounts consumed based on College Station 2014. (coming soon) <protect>

Item Amount Notes

Bottled water

140 8 oz bottles

We chose to get 8 oz bottles to minimize the waste from partially consumed bottles

Filtered water

2 gallons

We also had a large jug of water for making tea.


36 cans

We bought more but had some left

Diet Coke

48 cans

Dr. Pepper

24 cans

Diet Dr. Pepper

24 cans


12 cans

most of this was left at the end

Sprite Zero

24 cans

This was also not all consumed

Ginger Ale

12 cans

Not very popular

unsweet iced tea

3 gallons

orange juice

10 quarts

3 x 2.7 quart bottles + 1 smaller bottle


2 quarts

had leftover lemonade at the end