Outreach: publicizing the project and developing a web presence

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Suggestions from Emily

  • If a group has a user request for annotation of a certain set of genes that fits nicely into this initiative, then they could be included.
  • In addition, like the cardiovascular and immune annotation initiatives (http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Immunology,

http://wiki.geneontology.org/index.php/Cardiovascular), we could set up a reference genome wiki page showing which genes are coming up for annotation, and if any outside, bench groups are interested in an area we are thinking of curating they could suggest genes via this page as well - which would provide one way of publicizing our efforts and showing involvement of the community in our annotation effort.

  • Also could include information on the diseases we'll be annotating in the GO newsletter.
  • Contact NCBI about publicizing the annotations we have to the OMIM morbid map genes - could they display/provide a download of these extra data?

More suggestions from Susan

  • Make a page outlining the project as part of GO site - include use of evidence codes specific for ref genome project
  • Move 'gene of the quarter' article that was started on the newletter to the new ref genome section of GO site - trail this each month in newletter
  • Publicise project at meetings - Susan has submitted an abstract to the biocurator meeting

Suggestions from WormBase (Ranjana)

  • As part of the general GO outreach effort, Ranjana gave a talk on 'GO in WormBase' at the International Worm Meeting at UCLA, at the end of June, 2007. She mentioned the Reference Genome project and that WormBase had begun the annotation of human disease gene orthologs. She also said that WormBase would think about making these annotations more obvious, maybe by providing these annotations in a separate track.
  • Extending this idea, maybe the GO consortium could think about having a separate 'track' for these annotations?
  • Amigo could have a track for the disease gene orthologs, i.e a special search function
  • GO consortium website page that has the annotations could also make the disease ortholog annotations available in separate files

Retun to [July 10 Conference call agenda]