Outreach January 2009 Report

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Rachael Huntley gave a tutorial "Introduction to the Gene Ontology and GO annotation resources" for the EBI's Hands-on training course 'Transcriptomics' held at EBI on 19-22nd January 2009.

Emily Dimmer, Rachael Huntley and Michele Magrane trained the first set of SIB curators in GO annotation on 28-29th January 2009 in Geneva.

Jim Hu gave a computer demo at the Plant and Animal Genome meeting in San Diego. This included using GONUTS to do community GO annotation.

From Ranjana Kishore:

The sea urchin database people are in touch with WormBase (they are on the same campus as us, Caltech). Since now they have a stable genome, last week their programmer Dong He and I had a conversation, I pointed him to the relevant GO documentation. To begin with, they are interested in doing InterPro2GO mappings for their proteins. He will be in touch with me as things develop and I can assist them when they are ready to submit an annotation file to the GO consortium.

Val Wood gave a talk and workshop on GO Tools for pome researchers at a Wellcome Trust Advanced Course: Genome-Wide Approaches With Fission Yeast.

Ruth Lovering presented a seminar to the Department of Medicine, UCL, entitled 'GO for it! Gene Ontology - an essential resource' on Friday 6th Feb.

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