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PAMGO Conference Call-February 15 2008

Update on association files submitted to GOC:


Update on association files for:

                 P. syringae
                 Erwinia sp
                 M. grisea

GOC announcement: Regulation terms

                 "For some time now, the GO content developers have been aware that
                   regulatory processes are not necessarily integral to the processes (as
                   previously indicated by the use of the 'part_of' relation) that they
                   regulate. Nevertheless, regulatory processes have been represented as
                   part_of the processes they regulate. We have long intended to replace
                   these part_of relationships with a new relationship type called
                   'regulates'. We are now in a position to make this replacement" 
                   See entire e-mail:  File:New relationship types in GO.doc
                   Most of the modulation/regulation terms have a is_a relationship to parents
                   Few with part_of relationships, which  should still be fine if "part_of" is replaced with "regulates"
                   See examples: File:Regulates relationship.doc

Induction and Upregulation terms

                    Induction and Up-regulation of........ are currently child terms of positive regulation. Should this be merged into positive
                    regulation?  Many of the induction and upregulation terms are synonyms of their respective "positive regulation" parent terms.    
                    See examples:   File:Merge into positive reg.doc

Changing wording in some host terms

                    Will put a list on the wiki soon for your comments

Mini Reviews


                      Use of PAMGO terms by virulence community-Michelle

PAMGO workshop July 14-16 2008

                     Please print out attached brochure and distribute at meetings/conferences you plan on attending before July
                     We need to attract a diverse group of people this year.
                     Download brochure: File:Workshop Brochure.pdf


PAMGO Conference Call-November 15 2007

Test set of annotations sent to Chris Mungall (GOC) File:PAMGO test assoc.xls

New "Properties" column in the association file

Updated Evidence Code documentation. New children codes under ISS (still under review)

Topic for discussion: Hypersensitive response (HR) and Programmed cell death (PCD) tree

See "PAMGO SUMMARY_2007" for Candace's proposal on this subject