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=[[PAINT_GAF_production|PAINT GAF production]]=
=[[PAINT_GAF_production|PAINT GAF production]]=

= PAINT family curation tracking=
= PAINT family curation tracking=

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Note that this project was formerly called the Reference Genome Annotation Project.

The Phylogenetic Annotation Project performs annotation inferences across evolutionary related proteins based on known function of proteins within PANTHER [1] phylogenetic family trees.

Phylogenetic annotation overview

PAINT User Guide

PAINT Curation guidelines

PAINT GAF production


PAINT family curation tracking

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1uHgcaXO7t9__9GuXgBibT0H-YlnU252IsRGWIyhCWN8/edit?usp=sharing. Not updated since Panther 12

Pages to review

Archived & retired Pages

Those pages are kept as reference but the information in them is not the most current information.

Past Annotation targets

Target Gene List August 2006-April 2008