Phylogenetic Annotation Project

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'Note that this was formerly called the Reference Genome Annotation Project'

The reference project group has developed a software to perform the annotations based on phylogenetic trees.

Phylogenetic annotation overview

PAINT User Guide

PAINT Curation guidelines

PAINT family curation tracking Not updated since Panther 12

Pages to review

  • Metrics: Discussion on annotation progress measurements

2018-01-17 From 2017 Grant, suggestions for metrics: - fraction of human proteins in annotated families (PAINT progress) - impact: number of annotations added, for human and for other species

For a summary of some of the issues please open "HowToCaptureMetrics3" file. File:HowToCaptureMetrics3.doc (not sure this is still up to date)

At the July 2009 Quest for Orthologs meeting, it was agreed to decide upon a standard set of genomes, and compile "complete" sets of protein coding genes for each genome, and a representative protein sequence for each gene.

Archived & retired Pages

Those pages are kept as reference but the information in them is not the most current information.

Past Annotation targets