Procedure for filling Genome-Specific spreadsheets (Retired)

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  1. Copy and paste the latest month's list of genes onto your genome specific spreadsheet. The Master list is found here: Reference Genome Target Genes. Links to individual spreadsheets are found in a worksheet of the above document.
  2. Use YOGY, or another tool to find the putative ortholog for each gene.
  3. Enter the unique ID referring to the gene in your MOD
  • if there is more than one ortholog, create a new line for each.
  • if there is no ortholog, enter 'no ortholog' and the date the assessment was made
  1. When you are satisfied that the annotations reflect the gene's known function, biological role and cellular component, enter the 'date comprehensively annotated'
  2. You can add a column with notes at the end (very right) of the spreadsheet