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GO Leadership

The group's responsibilities are to set priorities, establish milestones, and chart the GOC direction. It is also responsible for obtaining and allocating funding. They provide direction to lead groups. This group has ultimate decision responsibility and must resolve any conflicts that occur. They are responsible for actively listening to the lead groups and either providing them with the resources that they need to accomplish our goals, or with reducing those goals if the leaders report that they cannot be carried through with existing resources. They must implement operational changes to make the project as efficient and effective as possible.

GO Management

Projects Managers oversee the different aspects of the project.

Role Name GitHub handle email
Project management Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Software management Seth Carbon @kltm
Literature annotation/GO-CAM curation Kimberly VanAuken @vanaukenk
GO-CAM framework   David Hill @ukemi
Phylogenetic Annotation Huaiyu Mi @huaiyumi
Ontology Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Data pipeline and QA Pascale Gaudet @pgaudet
Outreach, Web presence, User Support Suzi Aleksander @suzialeksander

Working Groups

Working Groups (archived or no longer maintained on the wiki)

GO project resources

As of March 2023


  • Seth 100%
  • Sierra 33%
  • Jim 30%
  • Patrick 40-50%


  • David 60%


  • Suzi:100 %
  • Edith 20%
  • Stacia: 10%


  • Pascale 100%
  • Tremayne: 40%
  • Dustin: 40%
  • Anushya: 50%
  • Marc 50%


  • Raymond: 100%
  • Kimberly: 30-40%

Review Status

Last reviewed: March 8, 2023

Reviewed by: Pascale Gaudet