Projects stand up meeting 2021-03-31

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  • Present: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Judy, Kimberly, Paul, Seth, Suzi
  • Regrets:
  • Managers: David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Judy, Paul, Chris


  • Pascale off this week; Kimberly off next week

GOC meeting

  • In about 1 month: do we have anything specific we want to deliver?
  • Should we start devoting more of these calls to the meeting agenda?

Projects presentation


  • Next deliverables + expected date
  • Progress
  • Issues / blockers

March GO release/GAF2.2 migration


  • David and Kimberly checked latest pipeline run with Noctua GPADs run through go rules
    • Some changes were needed after the initial run to update file names so consuming groups' pipelines didn't need to be changed
  • Most everything looks okay on the GO side (one question about repaired annotations and order of operations for updating gp2term relations)
  • David would like to check MGI round trip on Monday; if all goes well and there are no other issues, we could have a versioned release next week? Or do we want to release this week?
  • Kimberly would still like to do a lessons learned debriefing with everyone involved in this project - on a manager's call or a separate call

COVID19 Disease Map Presentation

  • COVID19 Disease Map consortium would like us to present at their Friday meeting on April 16th
  • Patrick Masson has created SARS-COV-2 GO-CAM models
  • Meet (at least) once before the April 16th meeting to briefly discuss what we want to convey?

MGI, WB, ZFIN, SGD import

  • Status of import files
  • Status of emitted GPAD files
    • gpad diff tool
      • Would like more discussion on the intended scope and usage of a gpad diff tool
      • There may be slightly different requirements for Zfin vs MGI vs WB vs other groups
      • Try to write one diff script to rule them all upfront or iterate as needed?
      • Given the answer to the above question, where does this work fit into our current project priorities?

Chris will do a first pass

Missing file from SVN

2 helpdesk emails (including Paul Pavlidis) request: see What was this file? Should we try to restore it?

PAINT Annotation Files and Identifiers

ART1.0/Noctua3.0 plan

Any other ongoing project

Subsets creation documentation

Nearly finished projects

  • Release of ART and Noctua form to Noctua (currently on dev only)
  • Model copy: remaining issues
  • Annotating protein chains (UniProt): how to get the GPI we need

Next sprint