Projects stand up meeting 2021-06-02

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  • Present: Chris, David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Suzi, Pascale, Seth, Paul
  • Regrets:
  • Managers:


Next week is the no GO meetings week

Discussion points

Update on ongoing projects

MOD Reference IDs in AmiGO

  • From Todd Harris (WB):
    • In the past year, we received a little more than one referral per day from Amigo (414 total).
    • That's a small but not insignificant number.
    • Moreover, most of those requests are real. They result in a very low bounce rate (which measures the number of users that land and then navigate away), as well as an above average number of pages viewed following the referral.

^^ note from CJM. Is this one referral / day for all links, or from WBPaper links? Cjm (talk) 17:24, 1 June 2021 (PDT)

^^ I had asked Todd specifically for paper link referrals, but can double-check that. (KMVA)

-> questions:

  • How many referrals do you get from other sources?

Can we make a decision:

  • WRT import, we will only import a single ID (with priority PMID > xx etc)
  • WRT exports and AmiGO:
    • for now AmiGO will load it, as long as it loads from the MOD files
    • for exports: some groups will have both IDs (those who produce their own GAF), some MODs will not (those for which GO Central produce the GAF/GPAD) - NEED TO CONFIRM
  • Paul, Seth: if we'd like Alliance to make an API to convert PMIDs into MOD IDs (and vice versa) we should make a request soon
  • ACTION ITEM: Seth to check if the info is in E-utils before asking Alliance


GOC meeting Action Points

action items

  • Are any of these items high priority?