Projects update meeting 2022-06-22

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  • Members: David, Huaiyu, Kimberly, Pascale, Seth, Suzi, Paul, Chris, Cynthia
  • Present:

Ongoing work updates

Release/snapshop update

New release started

SOP for project management

SynGO Updates

  • Actions
    • PO: Paul T
    • TL: Dustin
    • Ask Frank at SynGO to check
    • Do we have some SOP? sanity checks?
      • David to provide list of MGI checks
  1. Dustin will generate stats on the json to ttl conversion
  2. Ask Frank at SynGO to check models on dev, proposed date to get feedback by: June 23rd
  3. Make a syngo-specific pipeline to give them a report
  4. We will put the models on prod no matter what in 2 weeks (whether or not we are able to do this work)
  5. Produce a MOU (see below)

Model copy

  • Tasks required before moving to production
  • Project meeting tomorrow on the Noctua work benches call, to know:
    • which tasks will be done
    • when they will be done
    • schedule final round of testing
    • deploy on prod

Noctua tickets review

  • David, Kimberly and Pascale reviewed all ticket in the Noctua repo
  • This generated a 'big ideas' document
  • We need to decide whether some parts of this will become a project

Automated Minerva updates

  • To do: review models that sometimes use regulates and other times directly regulates (23 models). Were curators trying to capture something specific that is now missing since we only use regulates?
  • Note also that regulates does not have to be direct, according to the RO transitivity rules. We need to make sure this is clear and see how this impact annotation guidelines
  • Should this be a new project ? what is the priority on this?

Review relation documentation

  • We need a to generate a list of all relations currently used in Noctua and in P2GO
  • We need to clearly list which relations are slated for obsoletion/not allowed for GO/GO-CAM curation
  • We need to document usage for all valid relations (like we have started for has input, has output and occurs in)

MOU draft

Can this be automated from the yaml?

  • CHRIS: YES!!!!

Potential priorities short list