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The GO Quality Control group aims to identify any issues that may negatively impact the quality of the products developed by the GOC. The group was formed in October 2017.

Group Leaders

Pascale Gaudet (GOC), Kimberly Van Auken (WB), Sylvain Poux (Swiss-Prot), Val Wood (PomBase)


The groups meets on an irregular basis.

Conference call agendas and minutes

High level objectives

  1. Implement rules on annotations (on GAF and GO-CAM export files)
  2. Consistency among annotations for homologous genes
  3. Analysis of co-annotation of different GO terms to the same gene
  4. Competency questions

Ideas from GOC Meetings

  • Objective: Define a new format for annotation consistency exercises.
  • Suggestions from Corvallis GOC meeting:
    • Kimberly: Perhaps have specialized focus groups.
    • Suzi/Judy: Blog for describing case studies
    • Ruth: Define what information should be included in annotation documentation (e.g. a flowchart)
    • David: Have invited guest annotators
    • Helen: paper-by-paper has run its course (as KvA said). Move discussion to pathways that are shared between species. Work out the hard stuff, conventional pathways (e.g. the cancer pathways)
    • Sabrina: Walk through a Noctua model to explain the thought process the curator went through (useful for neophyte curators)
    • Ruth:have working groups publish papers with their conclusions
    • Moni: In addition to blogs have the annotation group contribute training materials (e.g. short videos)


 Annotation quality control procedures

Ontology Quality_Control

To be documented