RefGenProgress 2009-02 (Archived)

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  • PAINT tool for annotation of nodes of phylogenetic trees
    • the tool is now fetching annotations from the GO database and displaying those
    • for each 'node' (common ancestor sequence), a list of the annotations made to all sequences present in that group is available with the option to select (using check boxes) any GO term and apply those annotations to the ancestor sequence.
  • Paper was reviewed; we'll send back addressing the reviewers comments.
  • Conference call Feb 10, 2009:
    • Agreed that annotations done with the PAINT software will have the ISS evidence code.
    • Discussed use of 'colocalizes with' and 'contributes to'; there are two meanings for each and that is confusing. This is important because in both cases, one of the meanings is 'weaker' and can probably not be used for propagation. Pascale will send to every group the annotations they have using those qualifiers.
    • talked about obsoleting Fraction terms since those do not represent components but experimental procedures. However people disagree so we have not yet made a decision.
  • Electronic jamboree Feb 24, 2009:

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