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|Siddhartha Basu
|Siddhartha Basu
|D. discoideum
|dictyBase software developer
| 3 months
| 3 months
| Software developer Reference Genomes
| Reference Genomes
| yes
| yes
| yes
| yes

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Registration for April 2008 GO Meetings at University of Utah, SLC

Please register here giving information about which meetings you will be attending. We are asking for 'years on the project' because this is the 10th year of the GOC and we want to celebrate.

Name Institution Model Organism(s) and/or Speciality Years on GOC project Role on GOC project Coming to Ref Genome? Coming to GOC? Where are you staying? food requirement
Sue Rhee The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR) Arabidopsis 8 years Co-PI No Yes not arranged yet
Karen Eilbeck University of Utah Sequences 5 years SO manager yes yes Home veggie
Judy Blake The Jackson Laboratory mouse /genomics 10 years PI yes yes University GuestHouse
Suzanna Lewis Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Bioinformatics / fly 10 years PI yes yes ?
Harold Drabkin The Jackson Laboratory mouse / biochemistry 7 years BioCurator yes yes not arranged yet
Amelia Ireland GO Editorial Office, EBI Jack of all trades 6 Senior GO Curator yes yes hopefully not on the streets
Jennifer Deegan GO Editorial Office, EBI Large scale content efforts. 5 years Ontology Editor, Outreach/Advocacy Manager No Yes Little America No restrictions
Daniel Barrell EMBL - The EBI UniProt/Human/Chicken/Cow 7 years GOA database programmer No Yes Little America none
David Hill The Jackson Laboratory mouse/developmental biology/ontology content 9 years MGI curator/ Ontology Development Co-manager yes yes Not arranged yet
Midori Harris GO Editorial Office, EBI GO content, especially trying to keep up with ordinary SourceForge submissions 9.5 years GO Editor; ontology development co-manager yes yes University Guest House no restrictions
Pascale Gaudet Northwestern University dictyBase curator 5 years annotation/reference genomes/ontology content/AmiGO-WPWG yes yes Not arranged yet
Tanya Berardini The Arabidopsis Information Resource Arabidopsis/developmental biology/ontology content 6 years annotation/reference genomes/ontology development/OBO-Edit working group/annotation outreach yes yes Not arranged yet
Mary Dolan MGI, The Jackson Laboratory Mouse 5 years computational methods/tool development/software yes yes University GuestHouse none
Kimberly Van Auken WormBase, Caltech C. elegans 5 years curator/user advocacy (gohelp)/software development for semi-automated curation yes yes University Guest House none
Mike Cherry SGD, Stanford S. cerevisiae 10 years PI yes yes University Guesthouse (to be arranged) none
Doug Howe ZFIN, U. Oregon D. rerio 4.5 years Ontology development/Ref. Genome/GO annotation Yes Yes University GuestHouse
Stacia Engel SGD, Stanford S. cerevisiae 6 years Curator/refGenome yes yes University Guesthouse (to be arranged)
Susan Tweedie FlyBase, University of Cambridge Drosophila 2 years GO annotation/ref. genome/newsletter team yes yes University Guesthouse veggie
Seth Carbon Berkeley BOP AmiGO/Software ~1 1/2 AmiGO/Software and related WGs yes yes TBD none
Valerie Wood WT Sanger Institute S. pombe MOD DB project manager 8 S. pombe / GO curator/ ref genomes group/ AWG (retired!) yes yes TBD
Fiona McCarthy Mississipi State University (AgBase) chicken & cow 3 sort of associate GOC member, chick Ref genome, Outreach yes yes TBD
Ranjana Kishore WormBase, Caltech C. elegans 5 Curator/Annotation, Ref genomes, Outreach yes yes University Guesthouse veggie
Chris Mungall LBNL 8 Software Manager yes yes ? veggie
Donghui Li TAIR Arabidopsis/ontology content 2 years annotation/reference genomes/ontology development yes yes not arranged yet veggie
Emily Dimmer GOA Human 4.5 years curator/GOA co-ordinator yes yes University GuestHouse
Jim Hu EcoliWiki/EcoliHub and GONUTS E. coli 1.5 years E. coli for RefGenome yes no (have to teach) University Guesthouse Lac-
Debby Siegele EcoliWiki/EcoliHub E. coli 1 year E. coli for RefGenome yes no University Guesthouse
Rex Chisholm dictyBase D. discoideum 9 years co-PI/reference genomes yes yes University Guesthouse
Michelle Gwinn Giglio Institute for Genome Sciences prokaryotes 7 years annotator/term developer/PAMGO/outreach group/evidence group no yes University Guest House
Victoria Petri Rat Genome Database rat / biochemistry 4.5 years GO annotations/Ref. Genomes/Newsletter team/Term contributions yes yes University Guest House none
Siddhartha Basu dictyBase dictyBase software developer 3 months Reference Genomes yes yes Not yet None

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