Requesting a New Complex ID from ComplexPortal

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Users can request complex IDs from IntAct by filling the Complex submission template and emailing it to or with as much detail as possible.

IntAct Complex submission template

Complex names

  • Most commonly known name (recommended name):
  • Synonyms (could be any and many!):


  • UniProt IDs for proteins (and their binding regions and stoichiometry - if available)
  • ChEBI IDs for small molecules (and stoichiometry - if available)
  • RNAcentral IDs for ncRNAs (and stoichiometry - if available)


  • PMID for papers showing that the complex exists (if you are familiar with IntAct please add the IntAct interaction AC if applicable)
  • Note: It should be evidence for all or most of the participants, not lots of binaries and not from high throughput experiments.

Additional information

PMIDs that show what the complex does and where (so we can add MF & BP GO terms, see below).


A nice, concise description would help, similar to that required for GO term submissions :)


Any additional information such as molecular weight of the COMPLEX, size, buried surface area, stokes radius, binding regions…

GO annotations

Any terms that apply to the COMPLEX: CC for the complex class and the cellular location (e.g. nucleus, plasma membrane…) MFs & BPs: as many as applicable Please supply PMIDs if possible

Xrefs (if applicable)

Using Intact Helpdesk for new complex requests

Alternatively, new complexes can now also be requested directly from the yellow tile on the new CP homepage ( but that's just a helpdesk message until we get round to create a form behind that tile.

Review Status

Last reviewed: July 5, 2017