Requesting a New Complex ID from ComplexPortal

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Users can request complex IDs from Complex Portal by sending a message via the yellow tile on the Homepage "Request Complex for curation" or emailing with as much detail as possible.

Complex submission template

Complex names

  • Most commonly known name (recommended name):
  • Synonyms (could be any and many!):


  • UniProt IDs for proteins (and their binding regions and stoichiometry - if available)
  • ChEBI IDs for small molecules (and stoichiometry - if available)
  • RNAcentral IDs for ncRNAs (and stoichiometry - if available)


  • PMID for papers showing that the complex exists
  • Optional: Cross-reference to a evidence database, e.g. from IntAct, PDBe or EMDB
  • Note: The interaction evidence should include all or almost all complex members, not lots of binaries and not from high throughput experiments.


  • A nice, concise description would help, similar to that required for GO term submissions.

GO annotations

Any terms that apply to the COMPLEX (as far as it's known):

  • CC for the complex (child of GO:0032991 protein-containing complex)
  • CC for cellular location (e.g. nucleus, plasma membrane…)
  • MF: at least the central function of the complex
  • BPs: the process(es) the complex is involved in
  • Please supply PMIDs

Review Status

Last reviewed: Nov 17, 2020