Review of trees-based annotations (Retired)

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  • LONP1, LONP2 : Panther ID:10046, Kara Dolinski. Feb. 2009 jamboree. Done July 2009, but no GAF.
  • HPRT Phosphoglucomutase family : Panther ID:22573, Kara Dolinski. Done July 2009, but no GAF.
  • TPP1(CLN2) family : Panther ID:14218, Pascale Gaudet. Done for now (no GAF file- can only propagate in mammals) PG 14-Jul-2009
  • FOXE1/Forkhead/Forkhead box family : Panther ID:11829, Kara Dolinski. Done 21-Aug-2009
  • RRS1 family: PANTHER17602, Mike Livstone. Completed 8/24/09. No annotations inferred.
  • Dicer family: PANTHER14950, Mike Livstone. Completed 8/26/09.

Families based on recent Ref Genome gene targets:



  • Striatin family: PANTHER15653, Mike. On hold pending a bug fix specific to this family.

To-do List based on monthly Reference Genome gene targets

These are the July/August gene annotation targets.