Review of trees-based annotations (Retired)

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This is the central site for viewing/reviewing the tree based annotations done via PAINT.

Families ready for or under review by MODs

Coming soon

Families ready for review by 2nd set of PAINT curators

All GAF files can be found in following directory under gocvs/:


Notes for each family can be found on the following wiki pages:

  • FOXE1/Forkhead/Forkhead box family: Panther ID:11829, Kara Dolinski. Done 21-Aug-2009
  • Dicer family: PANTHER14950, Mike Livstone. Completed 8/26/09.
  • Striatin family: PANTHER15653, Mike Livstone. Completed 10/22/09.
  • RDH10 family: PTHR24316, Mike Livstone. Completed 3/22/10. LUNG TARGET.
  • LONP1, LONP2: Panther ID:10046, Kara Dolinski. Feb. 2009 jamboree. Done July 2009


  • PANTHER17602: RRS1 family, Mike Livstone. Completed 8/24/09. No annotations inferred. //
    • Modification: can annotate to nucleolus based on pombe, human annotations. Pascale Gaudet 12/15/2009

Families based on recent Ref Genome gene targets:

July Targets

  • TPP1(CLN2) family : Panther ID:14218, Pascale Gaudet. Done for now (no GAF file- can only propagate in mammals) PG 14-Jul-2009

TO-DO LIST (based on monthly Reference Genome gene targets)

Lung development targets (coming soon)



DONE: incorporated into the MODs