Rolling build of the Gene Ontology

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Purpose of the rolling build of GO

As of March 18, 2024, GO will attempt to produce the latest version of the ontology 3 times a day. This version is not checked or versioned or archived, therefore not citable. If there are problems with the ontology build, the frequency may be less.

  • The latest build of the ontology can be found here:
  • Note that if there is a failure of the ontology build, the ontology production will be automatically halted until the issue is resolved. Please look in the file header to see when the file was generated.

Who should use this file

This file should only be used for obtaining up-to-date build of the ontology in for use in annotation tools.

Official GO release

For documentation of official release of GO, please refer to the Release_Pipeline page. The official release should be used for any analyses using GO, as these are archived and these analyses can be reproduced.