Running P-POD orthology tool on the reference genomes gene set (Retired)

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   * Arabidopsis thaliana gp2protein.tair.gz
   * Caenorhabditis elegans  gp2protein.wb.gz
   * Danio rerio gp2protein.zfin.gz
   * Dictyostelium discoideum gp2protein.dictyBase.gz
   * Drosophila melanogaster gp2protein.fb.gz
   * Homo sapiens gp2protein.human.gz
   * Mus musculus gp2protein.mgi.gz
   * Saccharomyces cerevisiae gp2protein.sgd.gz
   * Schizosaccharomyces pombe gp2protein.genedb_spombe.gz
   * Rattus norvegicus  gp2protein file from RGD (pending)

And the Uniprot file will be used for these species:

   * Escherichia coli     
   * Gallus gallus