SWUG:Meeting 2011 03 15

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  • obo2owl roundtripping for GO (Shahid, Amelia)
  • obo release manager beta (Shahid, Amelia)


  • gaf-submission-qc/inferences demo on LBL server (Shahid, Amelia)
  • goose-gold v0 (Seth)
  • test deploy gold servlet (Ben)
  • iphone app - specification (Ben)
    • TODO: add page for ontology web service queries

Reference Genome Data Management and Reporting

GO Galaxy Environment

  • move Galaxy tools to mercurial (Amelia)

Increasing Expressivity in GO Annotations

  • Draft of plan for integrating pathway db data (Amelia)

AmiGO and QuickGO Integration

  • Open up QuickGO source code (Tony)