Schizosaccharomyces pombe (Retired)

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Here is my description of the pombe reference genome triage process.

L - Total Publications

The total number of papers linked to an S. pombe gene using a PubMed search for all identifiers associated with that gene and/ or gene product fission yeast.i.e SPBC19G7.01c OR msh2 OR swi8 OR mut3 OR SPBC24C6.12c OR msh2p) AND (pombe OR fission yeast)

M - Triaged papers

The number of publications after filtering for i) wrong gene (i.e. name conflicts) ii) wrong organism iii) not relevant to GO

N - Number of papers read

This number sometimes increases the original number in columns L and M because curated papers sometimes lead to non listed papers (usually larger screens which do not specify gene names in the keywords).

O - Number of papers producing GO annotations

The final number which provided 1+ GO annotations with experimental evidence