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We would like to have an estimate of the interest to attend the GOC2015 Meeting in Washington DC. In order to better produce this estimate (to most accurately reserve rooms), we would like to kindly ask you to write your name on this table. This IS NOT the registration for the meeting, only a way for the GOC to have an idea of your intention to attend. Thank you very much for signing up!

Name Organization
Moni Munoz-Torres Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, BBOP
David Osumi-Sutherland EBI
Paola Roncaglia EBI
Helen Parkinson EBI
Melanie Courtot EBI
Petra Fey dictyBase
Mike Cherry SGD
Ruth Lovering UCL
possibly another UCL name UCL
Harold Drabkin MGI
Karen Christie MGI
Judy Blake MGI
Kimberly Van Auken WormBase
Rex Chisholm dictyBase
Michelle Giglio Institute for Genome Sciences, U of MD Sch of Med
Marcus Chibucos Evidence Ontology / U Maryland School of Medicine
Pascale Gaudet GO Central /SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Eva Huala TAIR / Phoenix Bioinformatics
Leonore Reiser TAIR / Phoenix Bioinformatics
Tanya Berardini TAIR / Phoenix Bioinformatics
Heiko Dietze Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, BBOP
Chris Mungall Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, BBOP
Seth Carbon Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, BBOP
Doug Howe ZFIN
Sabrina Toro ZFIN