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For the legacy page, see Software_and_Utilities_(Archived) and Software and Utilities group summary


See the GO calendar

Core meetings:

  • biweekly all-day thursday LBL hack days (anyone can zoom in)
  • biweekly Noctua calls
  • adhoc zooms between developers as needed


  • updates on go-managers calls
  • ontology engineering team join ontology calls
  • most devs join annotation calls

Mail List

  • godev-internal on





The following people dedicate some portion of their time to the GO project

  • Seth Carbon LBL (Manager, Noctua, AmiGO, Solr, Infrastructure)
  • Eric Douglass LBL (Triplestore, Ontology Engineering and Semantic Tools, Pipeline)
  • Nathan Dunn LBL (Tools, AGR integration)
  • Ben Good LBL (Noctua, Pathway integration)
  • Marcin Joachimiak LBL, (Bioinformatics)
  • HyeongSik Kim LBL (OWL, Solr)
  • Chris Mungall LBL (PI)
  • Deepak Unni LBL (BioLink API)
  • Laurent-Phillippe Albou USC (LBL affiliate) (Bioinformatics, Networks)
  • Dustin Ebert USC (Pipeline, GO-CAMs)
  • Huaiyu Mi USC (Panther, PAINT Pipeline)
  • Tremayne Mushayahama USC (Noctua)
  • Anushya Muruganujan USC (Panther, PAINT, Enrichment)
  • Jim Balhoff RENCI (Noctua, Ontology Engineering)


All software-and-utilities pages on the wiki should go in the wikispace SWUG (SoftWare Utilities Group)


All projects are managed via GitHub projects. For a list of all, see the GO github projects page

GitHub Repos