Suggestions for RefGen jamboree annotation targets (Archived)

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Please note here any genes that you think might be suitable for a Reference Genome jamboree.

All groups that participate in the jamboree should note the amount of literature that is available for each proposed target. Therefore the aim would be to select two targets for a jamboree that have the widest spread of literature across all participating groups.

Target Gene Name PPOD URL Arabidopsis ID & papers Dicty ID & papers Drosophila ID & papers C.elegans ID & papers Chicken ID & papers E.coli ID & papers Human ID & papers Mouse ID & papers Rat ID & papers S.cerevisiae ID & papers S.pombe ID & papers Zebrafish ID & papers
WNT4 (Ligand for frizzled family of transmembrane receptors. Probable developmental protein. Possible signaling molecule which affects the development of discrete regions of tissues) none none (UniProtKB:P56705)~70 (MGI:98957) ~65 (RGD:621348) ~40
SLIT2 (molecular guidance cue in cellular migration) none (UniProtKB:P24014, FB:FBgn0003425) ~100 (UniProtKB:O94813) ~60 (MGI:1315205) ~35 (RGD:69310) ~40
NFX1 (Nuclear transcription factor). In mammals may be involved in regulating duration of an inflammatory response) (TAIR:AT1G10170)(UniProtKB:Q9SY59) ~8 (UniProtKB:P40798, FB:FBgn0001978) ~3 (UniProtKB:Q12986) ~8 (MGI:1921414) ~ 2 (RGD:1310277) - 0
ATF6B (Cyclic AMP-dependent transcription factor ATF-6 beta) none (UniProtKB:Q8SX87, FB:FBgn0033010) 0 (UniProtKB:Q99941) ~40 (MGI:105121) ~ 3 (RGD:1303317) - 0
SIR2 (NAD-dependent histone deacetylase SIR2 of the Sirtuin family involved in regulation of lifespan, EC=3.5.1.-) (TAIR:AT5G55760) (UniProtKB:Q9FE17) ~2 (UniProtKB:Q54GV7) (UniProtKB:Q9VK34, FB:FBgn0024291) ~11 (UniProtKB:Q21921) (UniProtKB:Q68BG0) (UniProtKB:P75960) (UniProtKB:Q96EB6) ~115 (MGI:2135607) ~ 49 (RGD:1308542) ~36 (UniProtKB:P06700) ~31 (UniProtKB:O94640) ~1