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The following is a list of suggested tools and resources for the interconversion of gene or protein IDs.


  • gp2protein files: created by the GO Consortium; provide a mapping from a model organism database ID to a generic ID (either UniProtKB or NCBI)
  • UniProt file: generated from the UniProtKB entry cross-references, the file is a tab-delimited table, which includes mappings for 20 different sequence identifier types (and will be expanded in time for the next file release to include IPI identifiers); README


  • UniProt tools: click on the "ID mapping" tab; help manual
  • PIR ID Mapping: useful for mapping to or from a gene name, although this can be risky as gene names are not always unique
  • Some tools contain built-in ID mappers; e.g. QuickGO allows users to map GO annotations between different identifier types; more information