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Try to avoid using "I" and "We". It's rarely obvious who edited a given wikisection last.

Naming Wiki Pages

Pages names - like GO IDs - should stand the test of time. If you want to make a page for a consortium meeting, don't call it GO_Meeting. Call it GO_Meeting_Sept_2007 or something unambiguous.

Having a grouping page called GO_Meetings is perfectly appropriate however

Don't be afraid to move pages

If you later realize the name of a page no longer reflects the contents, use the "move" option. It's one of the tabs at the top of the page. It's quite similar (but less extreme than) obsoleting a term and providing replaced_by links. Mediawiki will take care of all the redirection for you.

Use wiki categories

These can help keep pages automagically organized

See the MediaWiki help on Categories

See for example:


Linking between pages

To make links on the wiki, do it like this: