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Try to avoid using "I" and "We". It's rarely obvious who edited a given wikisection last.

Naming Wiki Pages

Pages names - like GO IDs - should stand the test of time. If you want to make a page for a consortium meeting, don't call it GO_Meeting. Call it GO_Meeting_Sept_2007 or something unambiguous. Having a grouping page called GO_Meetings is perfectly appropriate however, to group all GO_Meetings pages.

  • Do not use "/" as a substitute for directories
  • "GO-CAM" should never be abbreviated, and should always be written in uppercase with a hyphen.

Moving pages

If you later realize the name of a page no longer reflects the contents, use the "move" option. It's one of the tabs at the top of the page. It's quite similar (but less extreme than) obsoleting a term and providing replaced_by links. Mediawiki will take care of all the redirection.


  • Use "=" as initial indentation. Add further levels by adding extra "=" characters.
  • Avoid using HTML tags unless absolutely necessary.

Use wiki categories

These can help keep pages automagically organized.

See the MediaWiki help on Categories

See for example:

Full list of categories used on this wiki:


Watch pages you're interested in - see the tab at the top. You can configure your preferences so that anything you edit you automatically watch.


Linking between wiki pages

  • To make links within the wiki, use wiki syntax with the double square brackets, like this:
[[Name of page]]
  • To link to external webpages, use single brackets, like this:
    • To give a name to the link, leave a space between the URL and the name:
[ GO website]

Archiving and retiring pages

Retired pages contain contents that is obsolete and likely inaccurate. Archived pages include reports, meeting minutes, etc. that are saved for reference.

  • Move page, adding "(Archived)" or "Retired" at the end of the page name
  • Add Category:Archived or Category:Retired as appropriate.

Review Status

Last reviewed: April 11, 2019