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'''''WormBase GO Annotation Statistics as of December 2012'''''
''WormBase GO Annotation Statistics as of December 2012''

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WormBase Summary, December 2012


WormBase has two main tasks. One is to work on Aim 4 (Common Annotation Framework), which is described under Software Group. The second is annotation. Most of our efforts over the past year were directed towards software development; remaining efforts were focused on annotation.



  • Paul Sternberg, PI
  • Juancarlos Chan, software developer
  • Ranjana Kishore, curator
  • Kimberly Van Auken, curator


  • Hans Michael Mueller, PI
  • James Done, software developer
  • Yuling Li, software developer

Annotation Progress

WormBase GO Annotation Statistics as of December 2012

The progress on annotation were as follows:

Wormbase increased annotation to 17,287 gene products annotated. There are a total of 112,123 gen product-GO associations of which 62,866 are non-IEA.

Kimberely Van Auken is developing GO-CAT.

Ranjana Kishore particpated in the PAINT training workshop in December 2012.

Ranjana Kishore is working on evaluation of website usability.

Caltech hosted the GOC meeting in October 2012.

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